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Viewing and why I believe its important!

Published: April 30, 2019

Why I recommend to view the body before burial or cremation… by Rick Dutchak

Cremation is a popular choice for millennials. Like many people express to me, that their end-of-life plan is simply to be cremated and dispose of the ashes. “Just through me on the pile” as some have said to me.

 I for one am not going to be cremated. I am a firm believer in the importance of viewing a loved one before burial or cremation. I truly believe it helps with the grieving process. It provides closure, finality and allows time for you to say good-bye for the last time. The death of someone may end their life’s story but you will go on. Those final moments may better prepare you for moving forward in your life’s journey.

As a funeral director I need to have an open mind and respect the wishes of all the families I serve. Whether it’s a casket burial, with visitation or a direct cremation I respect their wishes and provide the best care that I can for them. When I am asked my opinion on how I feel about viewing, I express that it becomes “personal to everyone”. I do say I feel it’s important and usually give the reasons why as I have expressed.

So whether you choose a casket burial, a rental casket option or a simple cardboard cremation box, I will always give a family the opportunity to say goodbye. It may make all the difference in how they deal with the reality and finality of a death.

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